Death Wins Every War

by Weeping Swords

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released October 10, 2011

All tracks written and performed by Weeping Swords (J. Robertson and B. Koch)



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Weeping Swords La Crosse, Wisconsin

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Track Name: Death Wins Every War
Since the first hand had taken arms
And the first blood had left by harm
The only victor, only champion
Black-hooded father of the carrion

Only Death wins every war

The sword and shield raised, kill for what seems so right
invade the holy lands, wipe out the heathen blight
But only one faith is true beyond a doubt
Scythe lord will meet you, he will seek you out

Only Death wins every war

Borders constrict you, time to extend your lines
Tanks drive and planes fly, fire shots and plant your mines
But only one kingdom will last millennia
Skeletal Emperor, Rex Mortalitas

Only Death wins every war

When the bomb drops, when the world's a-burn
When all of man has lost it's turn
All has crumbled, dried up, and blown away
Pale horseman conquered, master of decay

Only Death wins every war
Track Name: Infant/Arctic
The Sun, It dwindles and fades away
The light, It dies and clouds turn grey
The cold, it creeps into our souls
And ice, our hearts it does enfold

This is the winter of our discontent
traversing this frozen continent

Winds slash though our flesh
Each step, it's harder to refresh
Our breath, it's frosted in our chest
We will not survive this final test
Track Name: Red Sky In Mourning
Crimson ether breathes light
On the end of the night
Last day for condemned
Fitting color for damned
Execution is nigh
release final sign
No time to forgive
No more life to be lived

Red sky in mourning, a final warning

Sun breaks the horizon
End to compromising
A storm wakes with the daybreak
Thunder rumbles and earthquake
Surface split like hit lip
Waves capsizing ships
Hearing voices in the clouds
Red rain is falling down

Red sky in mourning, a final warning

Flood of blood drowns the earth
Taking all to unbirth
Flow to deltas of pain
Leaving islands of shame
When waters recede
Just the symbols of greed
Are all that will stand
Of humanity's hand
Track Name: Doorway Drawn In Blood
We hear you call us
We hear you beg and plead
If you want our assistance
Be prepared to bleed
With your knife in hand
Raise it to your wrist
Cut across your flesh
Cry out to the mist

We will come to you
Through doorways drawn in blood

As the red rains down
Paint it on the floor
Unholy sigils
Will unlock the door
You can let us in
But we will never leave
We invade your heart
Into your soul we weave

We will come to you
Through doorways drawn in blood

Eyes filled with terror
Fists clenched with rage
Your foes have fallen
Thanks to arcane page
And now that its over
You think you're done with us?
Oh no, we're here forever
Your damnation thus

We will come to you
Through doorways drawn in blood